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Become an STS Ambassador

The STS Ambassador Programme provides opportunities for current and previous STS students to develop and share their experiences with other youths.

Become an STS Ambassador and share your experience.

As an STS Ambassador, you become a part of a global network and share your experiences through various fun and developmental activities. As well as developing new skills, meeting lots of other young people, and becoming a part of the STS team, you get awards and prizes!

Some of the most popular ambassador activities are spreading inspiring stories in social media and others represent STS at information events and fairs. Some ambassadors also take the opportunity to organize information events themselves, hand out flyers and host exchange students together with their family.

Have fun, develop as a person, get great prizes, and inspire others, as an STS Ambassador!

With each ambassador activity you perform, you will earn “journey points” that can be used in exchange for gift cards and prizes. The more active you are, the more prizes and awards you get. You can also earn money through having some ambassador activities as a part-time job. Imagine sharing your experiences with others and getting paid for it. How perfect is that?

You can choose to participate in as much as you want, in your own time. It is the perfect after school or part-time job for you as a young globe trotter. Skills that you will develop as an ambassador are your social, presentation and organizing skills. By speaking to lots of other young people on a regular basis you share your own journey, story and experience far and wide. All this gives you experience and new valuable skills for the future.

STS Ambassadors stay in touch with fellow ambassadors that have also been abroad. They also build a great connection to STS and get the opportunity to become employees on STS trips and at STS offices around the world.

Become part of a global network with the mission to empower young people to grow through education and cultural exchange. Become an STS Ambassador.

Become an STS Ambassador

Start sharing your experience, earn points, win prizes, develop as a person and inspire others. Register your interest today and become one of the first in (country) to be selected as a 2017/18 STS Ambassador.

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