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Since 1958

About us

STS offers experience-based learning in terms of guided youth trips, high school exchange and study abroad programmes at college and university. Our own journey began in 1958 when we arranged what might have been the world’s first language trip for young adults – a trip that went from Sweden to Austria. We have exported the language trip concept and our exchange programmes to several countries ever since, and today we are one of the world’s leading providers within language training and international youth exchange. We have offices in 15 countries as well as a large global network of partners, schools, host families and local employees around the whole world.

Expertise, passion and respect are the core values that follow us in our daily work. We have experienced other cultures and lived abroad ourselves, so we know how inspiring it is, but also what it takes. We always do our outmost to deliver world-class education and experiences to all our customers. Without respect for our customer’s dreams, a rewarding cultural exchange would not have been possible. These values pervade everything we do, and our hope is that our customers always experience this when in contact with us.

OUR MISSION: Empowering young people to grow through education and cultural exchange

We are totally convinced that a person who receives the right opportunities can grow and reach their full potential. We also know that learning a language abroad gives young people an edge in an increasingly competitive world. With our portfolio and service, their journey towards that potential will be easier, safer and more enjoyable.

WE OFFER: Experience-based learning

Experience-based learning is how we define what we offer. Our service contributes to personal development and education, and allows people to reach their full potential, whilst having the time of their lives.

We are convinced that experience-based learning abroad is truly the best way to acquire new skills, a new language, boost self-confidence and grow as a person. Start Your Journey, and see for yourself!

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