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It may feel great to take responsibility for and support a student through their exchange year. Here are answers to questions that we know from experience that prospective host families may have.

  • Why do you recommend us to become a host family?

    Being a host family is a great way to increase the understanding of other cultures and people. You get an extra family member to cherish and a new sibling for your children. It is also an opportunity to prepare for an academic year abroad, if one of the children of your family are planning to study abroad.

  • How do I become a host family?

    You register your interest, and will then get an introduction of the students that are coming to New Zealand. STS will do a home visit and thereafter you will get to choose a student that you believe will be a good fit for you and your family.

  • Can the host family choose students themselves?

    Yes, the host family will select the student they feel is a good match for their family. 

  • Can the students choose which city they want to study in?

    No, they can’t. The students choose which country they want to study in, but which city they get to stay in depends on where their host family lives. 

  • What responsibilities do we have as a host family?

    The host family provides food and accommodation. The student will bring money for travels, entertainment, clothes and hygiene items etc.

  • What is important to keep in mind for a host family?

    The student will quickly become a part of your family, which means that they need to be aware of the rules that apply in your home. By getting to know each other, and discussing the differences between your families and your home countries, it will be easier for you to understand the cultural differences that may arise.

  • Will the host family get compensation?

    No, we expect our host families to welcome a student to their home due to the personal exchange, not to get financial compensation. It is important that the exchange student feel like a family member. 

  • What happens if the host family and student do not get along?

    Sometimes the chemistry between the family and the student does not feel right, even though the efforts to find a good match have been painstaking. STS area representative will help you solve any problems that occur. The representative also assists with a host family transfer if necessary.

  • Is it possible to be a host family for less than a year?

    Yes, you can choose to be a host family for a whole year or a semester. Sometimes we also need a so-called “welcome family” for a shorter period (minimum 3 months).

  • We want to become a host family but do not have a spare bedroom

    There is no requirement that the student should have his own room. Perhaps the student can share room with a sibling? Several of our students share room with the siblings and are prepared for this to happen. In that case the room is shared with a sibling of the same gender and a single bed is provided.

  • Our children have moved away from home – will it be boring for the exchange student not to have host siblings?

    Some students even prefer to be the only child in a host family. Sometimes they are from a family that has several children and want the opportunity to see how it is being the only child in a family. Either way, this is usually not a problem.

  • We work full-time. Is that ok for the student?

    Students are prepared that both parents often work full-time in New Zeeland. In the beginning, they might need some extra support, but soon they will get friends and create their own social life.

  • Which school will the student attend?

    All exchange students will attend a New Zealand high school programme. To the extent possible, we arrange a school spot within the field of study that suits the student's needs and skills. However, it is the school's that determines whether it is possible to find an extra spot for an exchange student. This means that we cannot guarantee a place at the nearest school. STS will handle all the school contacts.

  • We are going away while the student is here. Is that ok?

    The student may not sleep alone, without any adults available in the house. In some cases, the student’s family will pay so that their child can join the trip. STS also have families who are happy to welcome a student to their home for a short period of time.


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