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Student stories

STS exchange students live all over New Zealand and have all a unique experience in the country. Often the seemingly little things become the most memorable for our students. Get inspired by their stories! 

"The year I spent with the Rouse family was by far the best year of my life."

Well you probably hear it from all of Leanne's students but it is just the truth. The year I spent with the Rouse's was by far the best year of my life. I experienced a lot of things that wouldn't even be possible to do here in Finland. I got a family on the other side of the world. They made my year special and I wouldn't want to change anything. The life there was just basically from a dream. But then the morning comes and you have to wake up and all you have is just a memory of it. New Zealand will stay forever as "my happy place".

Aino, Finland

"I felt loved and I really miss them"

My exchange was an experience full of different emotions, and I'm so grateful to have been with Ella, Jason and Antony.  They helped me, had fun with me, took care of me and of course were my friends.  I felt loved and I really miss them now that I am back in Italy.  I will always remember them and I will always consider them like a family.

Sara, Italy


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