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Do you, or maybe someone you know, have the heart in the right place and want to welcome an exchange student to your home? We are looking for dedicated families for our exchange students who come to New Zealand from all over the world. Get to know our students by reading their presentations.

Become a host family and welcome a student to your home! We are looking for kind and loving host families for our exchange students. Get to know them by reading their presentations below.  Maybe you will find the perfect match for you and your family!



An Italian girl who loves cooking

Name: Sara

Home country: Italy

Arrives: July 2019

Sara will be almost 17 when she arrives in New Zealand for her year long exchange.  She is from a small village located between the mountains and a lake, where she lives with her parents and younger brother.  She attends a school on the other side of the lake therefore she travels to school every day by ferry.

In her free time, Sara likes reading crime and adventure novels, listening to pop and rock music, attending concerts of her favourite artists, and she especially loves cooking.  She would love to teach her host family her Italian cooking secrets and in return learn about New Zealand's food and traditions.

Sara loves mountains and everything related to them - mountaineering, climbing, skiing etc.  She also loves camping and horse riding.  Sara has participated in charity events especially for the Alzheimer's organisation her grandfather is heavily involved in.

Sara has travelled to many other countries including Cape Verde, Tunisia, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Nederland, Iceland, Norway, Poland and Spain.  She has a passion for travelling and discovering new cultures.  Her family have also hosted exchange students and Sara has gone on two short term exchanges previously.

Sara has chosen to come to New Zealand as she wanted to experience a country that is far from home and also for the importance of sports in our country, she can not wait to try all the different sports we have to offer.


A French girl who enjoys the outdoors

Name: Marion

Home country: France

Arrives: July 2019

Marion will be 16 when she arrives in NZ for her 3 term exchange.  She is from a small village near Paris where she lives with her parents and her two older siblings.

Marion speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.  She spent 3 years living in Brazil with her family when she was aged 9-12 years.  This experience in Brazil gave her a taste of other cultures and now she can not wait for her experience in New Zealand.

Marion studies many different subjects at school but enjoys history, English, Spanish, biology and chemistry the most.  She has chosen to do a scientific section during her 11th grade as she would like to continue with a job in the animal/nature field once she has finished school.

During her free time, she enjoys reading, movies, music and spending time with friends and family.  She is passoniate about animals and nature.  She really enjoys hiking, especially in the mountains, road biking, skiing, tree climbing, handball and soccer.  She is enjoying learning circus tricks (juggling etc) which she likes to practice with her cousins and brother.

She consider herself very open minded, adventurous and very motivated.  She is excited to come to New Zealand to experience the culture, nature and landscapes, learn more English and for everything else she will discover once she is here.  She also can not wait to share her own culture with those she meets here in NZ.


A well travelled Austrian boy

Name: Leander

Country: Austria

Arrives: July 2019

Leander is from Vienna, Austria and will be 15 years old when he arrives for his year long exchange in New Zealand.  He is the oldest sibling, has two younger brothers who he is very close with and likes to take care of.  He lives with his Mum and Dad and his brothers.  Whilst the family are very busy during the week, they like to spend a lot of time together in the weekends.  They also enjoy catching up wih extended family who live in Austria and in other countries.

Leander's native language is German, but he also speaks English and French.  His hobbiles include football, climbing, swimming, cycling, skiing, hiking, athletics, listening to music, watching flims and reading books.  He is very interested in being able to be active with his host family, visit the sea (as he can not in Austria), celebrate Christmas during the summer and take part in outdoor educaiton courses at school if possible.

Leander enjoys travelling and has visited many other countries including France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Denmark, Great Britian, Hungary and Greece.

Leander would also love to have a host sibling or be in a double placement.  He would like to be somewhere close to the ocean.  He is very excited to come to NZ on his exchange and learn about our culture and history, and meet our friendly locals.


A girl who enjoys photography!

Name: Aino

Home country: Finland

Arrives: July 2019

Aino is 16 years old and will stay in NZ for one year.  She has wanted to be an exchange student for the past three years.  Aino lives with her parents in Turku, a small city on the southwest coast of Finland.  Aino has an older brother who does not live at home, she has a dog and two guinea pigs. 

In her free time, Aino enjoys playing badmintion, photography, reading books, roller skating and watching movies.

Aino is well travelled and wishes to keep travelling when she is older.  She would really like to learn to surf while she is in NZ.

Whilst shy at first, Aino is very social and enjoys jokes and laughter with friends and family.


A Swedish girl who loves travelling and adventure

Name: Ida

Country: Sweden

Arrives: July 2019

Ida will be 18 when she arrives for her 3 term exchange in NZ.  She is from a  small town in the south of Sweden where she lives with her Mum, Dad and older sister.

Ida has slight dyslexia, however this does not affect her grades, her school offers her help when necessary.  Her favourite subjects are web development and ceramics.  She considers herself a creative peson who likes making stuff with her hands.

Ida and her family love to travel and adventure.  She has travelled to many other countries including Denmark, England, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Austria, South Africia, Kenya, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Peru, Ecuador and Australia.  She has also been on two short term exchanges beforehand to Germany and China.

Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, training (gym and boxing classes at the local gym) and skiing (downhill).  Ida used to do gymnastics and then coached younger children for a few years.

She wishes to share her Swedish culture and her love of cooking and baking withher host family.  She hopes to bake them some Swedish cinnamon buns and in return hopes to learn about the New Zealand culture.




A sporty French boy

Name: Florian

Country: France

Arrives: July 2019

Florian will be 16 years old when he arrives for his 3 term exchange.  Florian lives with his Mum, Dad and cousin near a big city in France.  Florian also has an older sister who has moved to University.  Florian has a mild intolerance to dairy - it can be eaten, just not often.  He would prefer a family without dogs.

Florian's favourite subjects are sports, economics, history and geography.  Once he finishes high school he would like to study economics and become a financial sales manager.

When in a new country, he likes to make an effort to adapt to the culture.  He has travelled to other countries including Ireland, Germany, Italy, Costa-Rica and England.  He speaks French, German and English.

Florian enjoys playng badminton, table tennis and football.  He considers himself a big sports fan, he also enjoys reading.  He likes to spend his free-time outside and spending time with friends.

Florian wants to come to NZ to learn English, gain some independence and learn about New Zealand's culture.  His parents think he is very helpful around the home, and that he likes to bake for them as wall as making lasange (his favourite dish).




A outdoors French boy

Name: Clement

Country: France

Arrives: July 2019

Clement will be 16 when he arrives in New Zealand for his 3 term exchange stay.  He is from the town of Valence in France which has a population of 120,000 people.  He lives with his parents and little brother.  He attends a school of 700 students that is close by.

He enjoys reading, drawing and board games.  He occasionally plays video games and watches the odd movie, but doesn't watch TV.  He likes to try new activities and through this, now enjoys playing volleyball, Role playing Games (RPG) on table.  He has also done archery, skiing and hiking.

During the holidays he likes to spend time with friends and family, and playing sports or relaxing.  He also enjoys going to summer camps for a month each year.

Clement has chosen NZ as his exchange country because he wants to improve his English and share his culture with a NZ family as well as learning about our own culture.  He has heard from others who have spent time here that New Zealand'ers are very welcoming and the landscapes are beautiful, he can not wait to witness this for himself.


















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