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STS' History

STS (Student Travel Schools) started in Sweden in 1958 and our first language trips were to Austria. Today, we have our own offices in 14 countries and have a large global network of partners and non-profit organisations around the world.

Lars Magnusson from Gothenburg recognised in the 1950s that there was a growing need for foreign language education. In 1958 he became the first large-scale organiser of language trips. He understood that the advantage of language trips is that students get a unique opportunity to practice a language in the country where it is spoken and thereby learn faster and deeper.

Lars Magnusson founded the company STS Student Travel Schools and it quickly expanded. The company opened offices in other countries and introduced new training concepts, such as STS High School which has been running youth exchange programs since the late 1960s.
Our long experience and large network of schools, host families and local staff enable us to offer high school programs in many countries worldwide today. Join us for a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experience! When you return home your language skills have developed a lot but you have also grown as a person and become more mature, confident and experienced.

Milestones in STS' history

We sent our first student to Austria. The following year we also offered Hastings as a destination, which is still a popular destination for our students.

The establishment of international offices began during the early 1960s. In 1964 we opened offices in Norway and Denmark.

We introduced a new concept: our High School program in the USA.

We opened our first office in Asia, Japan.

The US President created The Youth Exchange Initiative, which contributes to international understanding through student exchange. Throughout the years, STS students have had the opportunity to meet several US Presidents.

We introduce college and university educations under the name IBS International Business School.

STS Foundation started. A non-profit organisation for STS programmes in the USA.

We opened our first Chinese office in Beijing.

We opened our fourth office in the USA and started STS Intensive language studies in Cambridge.

We opened our first own school in Malta

Spain is launched as a new STS destination for AuPair


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