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Here are some of the most common questions about STS High School – and their answers.

  • I am ready to apply, how do I do it?

    The easiest way to apply is to visit the page of your favorite destination and click the "Apply now" button.  Your application is not binding, and you make your final decision once you have been accepted.

  • Does STS have a contact person on my location?

    Yes, no matter where you go, we have a local representative on your location. He or she selects our host families, has contact with schools and will be your supporter and advisor during your exchange.

  • Can I apply for STS' scholarships?

    Yes, we have several scholarships to apply for each year. We are also happy to guide you in the application for other grants.

  • What sort of school will I attend?

    You can choose if you want to attend a public or a private school with High School Select.

  • Can I do sports during my high school year?

    Yes, with High School Select you have an increased possibility to choose schools depending on their specific sport profiles.


  • When do I have to apply?

    We recommend you to apply in good time to secure your spot. The earlier you apply, the better. We will then have the time to find the most suitable host family for you and your chance to get a place in the high school programme increase if you apply early.

  • Can I get out of certain courses by doing an examination when I get home?

    That’s a possibility in many schools. Usually our students becomes really good at English and sometimes math, and some students will be examined in these subjects when they return. Contact your school about the chances of doing knowledge tests.

  • What’s the application process like?

    The process of applying to STS' High School program is very straightforward and we are there, at your side, all the way if you have any questions. Read more about the steps in the process.

  • Can I travel around in the country?

    Yes, your local representative and school often arrange trips that are very popular to join. When your exchange year is over you can use the extra month that is included in your visa to travel around. We arrange an extremely popular trip Coast to Coast throughout the USA and a trip called Canada Adventure for our exchange students in Canada and USA. For students in Europe we arrange a European Tour that covers 12 countries. We also arrange trips during the semesters, for instance to Hawaii and London.

  • What happens when I have been accepted?

    Congratulations, you're accepted to the program! When you have paid the registration fee you get a login to our website, where you continue with your application. We will guide you through the steps that follow and before you know it, you are on your way to the adventure of your life!

  • How are the student and the family matched?

    One part of your application is writing a personal letter, giving a presentation of who you are and what you like. All our host families do the same. Based on these presentations, our local representatives will do their best to match you with a family that fits your profile. Give your personal letter some extra attention to enhance the chances of the perfect match!

    We put a lot of emphasis on selecting our host families. After the host families apply, we interview them, visit their home and collect references. Many of our host families are experienced and used to having an exchange student in their home. What they all have in common is a genuine interest in cultural exchange. Just like you!

  • When do I get my designated host family?

    No later than September 15 for fall start. For spring start, it depends on your final destination, since different countries and schools have different start dates. You will get more detailed information about this when you apply.

  • Can I arrange my own host family?

    In most cases that's possible. In the USA, we have to follow some rules stipulated by the Department of State. For example, you are not allowed to be related to, have the same native language or come from the same country as the host family. The language spoken in the household must be the country's official. Let us know if you want to arrange your own host family and we will gladly help you with this and give you all the information you need.

  • Can I choose where I will live during my year?

    Yes, with High School Select you choose which area and school you want to attend.

  • Will I be able to graduate abroad?

    This is completely up to each and every school. They all have their own rules and regulations. Some schools let their exchange students participate in the graduation ceremony, but without getting an official diploma. In some cases, you can ask your school for a transcript of your courses and grades. If you want to have an impact on your curriculum and increase the chances to participate in a high school graduation, we recommend that you choose High School Select.

  • What language knowledge is needed?

    You should have basic knowledge of the language spoken at the destination.


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