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We know that going on a high school exchange abroad is a big step for your child, but also for you as a parent. We also know that it will be an amazing journey for all of you. With knowledge and passion we will guide you through this fantastic and unique year.

Being a parent is all about teaching your child to fly

The journey for your child

A high school year abroad is a thrilling development on a personal level. To learn to stand on your own two feet when still young is a valuable asset later in life. It is a fantastic possibility to meet new people, create lifelong relationships and to learn to speak a foreign language fluently. It also leads to a deeper understanding for a different culture with other norms and traditions. Our high school students return home being more independent and mature, with more knowledge and a better understanding of the world. This is of course very useful in the global world of today, especially if they dream of a future international career.

Your own journey

Sending your child on a high school year and see him or her meet and handle new challenges from the side line is a huge experience. You will be proud of your child’s courage and drive. To finally see his or her personal growth when returning home will be beyond words. We also know from experience that how you choose to act is important for your child’s experience. See yourself as a coach – that’s what being a parent to an exchange student is all about!

Here are four quick advices for you:

  1. Be involved in the application process – your knowledge is important input. The better we get to know your child, the better we can match him or her with a suitable location and host family.
  2. Be supportive and show faith in that your child can and will meet and grow from this challenge on his or her own.
  3. Try not to be involved too much in your childs day to day life. This will allow him or her to grow with the challenge rather than to rely on your support.
  4. Be content about the fact that cultural differences often first come across as strange. Coach your child to take it for what it is. Finding your place in a new environment takes a little time, but is so worth it.

STS – your coach for the ultimate experience

We at STS have worked with cultural exchange since 1958. We have vast experience in coaching exchange students and their parents through the entire experience. We are there during the preparations, the year abroad and the readjusting period after the return home. Feel safe knowing that we will take care of your child the best possible way! Our staff have their own experience from cultural exchange and know what a transforming experience it is for you all.

Finally we congratulate you and your family on investing in the future. We look forward to getting to know you all.


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