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Live the American Dream!

STS High School Select in the USA

In the USA, a true high school adventure known for movies and series awaits. You can experience the high school spirit, with cheerleaders, football teams, musicals and yellow buses among other things. With STS High School Select in the USA, you customise your exchange year (or semester) abroad to have it just the way you want it. No matter where in the country you choose to stay, you will have an exchange period that is just perfect for you. Even though the high school life is a significant part of your exchange, this is also your big chance to experience everyday life the American way! Living here and really get to know the people and country from the inside is truly an amazing opportunity. You will be back in the states many times visiting in the future; we promise you that.

You choose where in the USA you want to study

The USA is a large continent, with six time-zones and 50 different states. Within these 50 states, you find an exhaustive array of schools. There are private day schools, private boarding schools, public schools, charter schools, and everything in between. Finding the right choice for you can sometimes be the most daunting task of all, and that is why STS is here to support you. We have carefully selected schools and school districts to work with. These schools show a sample of the array of options available within the US and they meet our high standards for how they take care of their international students, the subjects they offer, the extra-curricular activities to choose from, and the academic level we look for. 

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Interested in a tailored High School experience?

Interested in choosing where you want to study and where you want to live? STS can help you choose the school of your liking that supports your favorite sport, academic etc.


Interested in a tailored High School experience?

  • Take the next step to a high school year abroad
    1 year
  • Take the next step to a high school year abroad
    1 semester

What's included

Airfares to host family and back
School fees
Personal one-to-one support with your visa and school applications
Full board (e.g. breakfast, lunch & dinner) at a carefully selected host family
24-hour telephone support
Free interview
STS kick-off and preparation event in your home country
Welcome Camp
Local representative in your host country for assistance and support during your exchange
STS High School Diploma
STS Returnee Club
Local get-togethers with other exchange students in the area

Schools in USA

New Jersey

Atlantic Christian School

New Hampshire

Bishop Brady High School

New Jersey

Camden Catholic High School


Camden Hills Regional High School

Rhode Island

Chariho High School

New Hampshire

Coe-Brown Northwood Academy


Crean Lutheran High School


Father Lopez Catholic High School


Fox Valley Lutheran High School


Harrisburg Academy


Hopkinton High School


International School of Minnesota


JSerra Catholic High School




Lawrence Academy


Mt. Blue Campus

New York

Newcomb Central School


Power High School


Rice Memorial High School


Roncalli High School


Sacred Heart High School

New Jersey

Shore Regional High School


St. Mary Catholic High School


Tampa Preparatory School


Triad School


Wareham High School


Xavier High School

New Jersey

Central Regional High School


Mesa Public Schools District


Butte Central Catholic High School


Chino Valley Unified School District


Northland Lutheran High School


Northeastern Wisconsin Lutheran High School


Xavier Catholic Middle School


St. Francis High School


Population: 327 million
Area: 9.8 millions km2
Capital: Washington DC
Biggest city: New York City (8,5 million)
Number of states: 50
Currency: US Dollar
Measurement system: British / Imperial Units (inches, ounces)
Country number: +1


Living with a host family

Americans are open, friendly and hospitable. And all our host families are carefully selected and motivated. They are looking forward to meeting you and you will soon feel like a family member and experience the culture and traditions from the inside. 

Read more about host families in the US

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You can trust STS

Responsibility, safety and quality that’s been our motto since 1958. We have the passion and the experience that will make your adventure as an exchange student a memorable success. 

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Going to the USA for a year was the best I could ever do. I experienced thrilling things that I had only dreamt of and found new friends for life.
Karin Hallgren

Freedom, activities and school spirit

When you're an exchange student in the USA, your school will play a central role in your new lifestyle. This is where you will have classes, of course, but it will also be a place for after school activities and hanging out with friends. Whether you're into American football, drama, music or art, there will be a team or club for you. Teachers and students are proud of their schools, and soon you will understand why. The school spirit is contagious!

Are you a Junior or a Senior?

The American school system is divided into 12 grades, with high school being grades 9 to 12. High school students are divided into four groups called Freshmen, Sophmores, Juniors and Seniors. Most exchange students will be placed as Juniors or Seniors, meaning year 11 or 12. Your placement depends on your age, grades, level of English and the local school rules.

Choose some typical American subjects

Being a high school student in the USA means a lot of freedom to choose your own educational mix. English, maths and sometimes American history, are usually compulsory subjects. Apart from these, you can select additional classes to fill your schedule. Go for a subject you already like or try something typically American, like public speaking or government. Teachers love it when you're active. Don't be shy to raise your hand and ask questions. Your high school year in the USA will teach you more than you could ever imagine.

Your American host family

Americans are open, friendly and hospitable. All our host families are carefully selected and motivated. They are looking forward to meeting you. You will soon feel like a family member and experience the culture and traditions from the inside.

Weekend mornings in the shopping mall, a barbecue with the neighbours and activities with the local sports club. Living with one of our carefully selected host families, you will live the life of a typical American. And you will certainly feel welcome. Americans are known for their social and friendly attitude and your host family will make you a natural part of their lifestyle and daily routines. They will bring you to their favourite ice cream bar and burger restaurant and you will meet their friends and relatives at dinners. You will also be expected to help them with the household chores on a regular basis – just like home.


Typical American holidays

Americans are often very proud of their country and its traditions. Whether you will be staying an hour away from New York, on a ranch in Texas, in a huge family in Utah or in a smaller one in Wisconsin, you will be there for the big events. You can count on being a part of the celebrations at Halloween (trick or treat!), Thanksgiving (all the turkey you can eat), Memorial Day (honoring military veterans) and other big occasions when friends and family come together for a great party.

Life after school

Sports, speech and debate, art, writing, design. In the USA you engage in school activities when the ordinary lessons are over for the day. And you can be sure of one thing: there is something for everybody and every interest! Sports are important in American high schools, but you don not have to take part as a player. It is equally important to support your friends and school teams from the stands, cheering and sharing the school spirit.


Time for prom

There is a reason that Prom (a yearly traditional dance) and Homecoming (reunion of old students) are frequent themes in high school movies. These occasions do exist and they usually engage everybody at school. Preparations begin months before and these events are really a highlight everybody looks forward to.

Travel with us

You will, of course, spend some free time out in your new town as well. No matter where you're staying, there will be plenty of new and exciting things to do. Also, we want to give you the chance to see even more of the country. We offer lots of different trips in the USA. Your list of choices depends on where you are staying, but some popular examples are trips to Hawaii, Washington DC, Florida and California with visits to Disneyland in Hollywood. An exchange year is not only about school, it's about having fun too!

Coast to Coast & Canada Adventure

The grande finale

Finish your high school year in North America on a roadtrip through the USA or Canada. These roadtrips are the perfect end to your high school year!

Read more about Coast to Coast & Canada Adventure

Quick facts

 High school life in the US. You have seen in in films and tv series, now you can live it for real. Here are some quick facts about school life here, and what is included your High School Select package.

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  • Who can go: 15–18,5 years on arrival
  • Departure month: July–September or January
  • Language requirements: Good English skills
  • Visa: Yes. Additional cost
  • Choice of destination: Yes. Included in High School Select
  • School year: August/September–May/June
  • School day: Usually 08.00–15.30
  • Subjects: Compulsory and optional courses
  • Popular trips in the country: Hawaii, STS Coast to Coast and more to an additional cost


1_Group-Hug_8145 (1).jpg 1_Group-Hug_8145 (1).jpg

Interested in a tailored High School experience?

Interested in choosing where you want to study and where you want to live? STS can help you choose the school of your liking that supports your favorite sport, academic etc.

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