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Experience the Aussie lifestyle

STS High School Select in Australia

In lovely Australia, you will experience a high school life like nowhere else. Australia offers something for everyone; it is a modern country with vibrant big cities, amazing beaches and mesmerising nature. It is a vast continent with fantastic wildlife, coral reefs, and believe it or not – snowy mountains. When the European summer ends, the Australian one starts, which means that it is the perfect destination for European high school students who indeed do not mind sunshine and a pleasant climate all year round.

Choose where in Australia you want to study

With STS High School Select, you choose where in Australia you want to study yourself. Whether you want to live the high school dream in Sydney, learn how to surf on the Sunshine Coast or enjoy the city life in prospering Brisbane, we have options that will suit you perfectly. Why not take the chance to study a subject that is not available in your home country, such as marine science for instance? Just tell us what is the most important for you, and we will help you find the school and area that best fits this. No matter if it is the academy, geography, or free time activities that influence your decision, we will help you customise the perfect high school exchange for you.

Interested in a tailored High School experience?

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What's included

Air fares to host family and back
School fees
Personal one-to-one support with your visa and school applications
Full board (e.g. breakfast, lunch & dinner) at a carefully selected host family
24-hour telephone support
Free interview
STS kick-off and preparation event in your home country
Welcome Camp
Local representative in host country to assist and support during your exchange
STS High School Diploma
STS Returnee Club
Local get togethers with other exchange students in the area

Schools in Australia

Sunshine Coast

Bribie Island High School

New South Wales

Byron Bay High School


Cairns High School


Cavendish Road State High School


Centenary State High School


Cronulla High School


Endeavour Sports High School

New South Wales

Kingscliff High School

Gold Coast

Miami State High School

Sunshine Coast

Mountain Creek State High School


Narrabeen Sports High School


Pimlico State High School

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Beach State High School


Tannum Sands State High School


Trinity Bay State High School


Yeppoon State High School


Barrenjoey High School


Area: 7 692 km2
Population: 24 million
Capital: Canberra
Language: English
Largest city: Sydney (4.9 million)
Country code: +61


Living with a host family

Your carefully selected host family will open their arms for you and you will have a great time experiencing the Aussie way of life from the inside. Look forward to barbeques and picnics with your new family.

Read more about host families in Australia

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You can trust STS

Responsibility, safety and quality that’s been our motto since 1958. We have the passion and the experience that will make your adventure as an exchange student a memorable success. 

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I will never forget when I was snorkelling by the Great Barrier Reef!

School life in Australia

The educational system in Australia is one of the finest and most innovative in the world. Thousands of exchange students enroll into Australian high schools and universities every year. You will find many modern schools with big and well equipped classrooms.

Summer holiday in December

High school in Australia make up the last five years of a 12-year school system. Most exchange students are placed in year 11, some in year 10 and very few in year 12. Since the seasons are the opposite from Europe, Australians have their summer holiday for two months from December to January. In January, a new school year begins, ending in December. As an STS exchange student, you can start in January or in July.

If you are placed in year 10, most of your subjects will be mandatory; this, for example, English, math and geography. In year 11, it is common that the only mandatory subject is English. The rest is up to you. You will be amazed by the unique range of subjects and sports, such as marine biology, multimedia, drama, Indonesian language, Aboriginal studies, surfing, diving and performing arts.

High school uniform mandatory

In most Australian high schools, it is mandatory for all students to wear a school uniform. This may feel unusual for the unfamiliar one in the beginning, but you will soon fall in love with it. Your school uniform will make you fit in just smoothly and make you look like a true Aussie teenager from the first day at school!

Warm and welcoming host families

The Australian families are warm-hearted, caring and welcoming. They have an open-minded mentality, probably thanks to its multicultural population. Even though the country is located far away from the Western countries, the influence is clear, and you will soon feel like home in Australia. The host family is carefully selected and will be very social, friendly, and humorous. You will notice that Australians like to joke – also at their own expense!

Our Australian host families

Australian families are usually active, and you might go on outings and picnics together. It could be a road trip to a nearby beach or a bike ride up in the mountains. For many families, weekends are dedicated to different kinds of sports. Join them and get the true Australian experience!

Choose your scenery

What’s your preference in Australia? The bush, the beach, the bay or maybe the outback? This is a continent with many faces, landscapes and environments. We give you the chance to get the kind of Australia you are looking for.
You'll find all our schools here

Schools in Australia

When you choose Australia for your high school exchange you get a programme tailored after your preferences. After telling us what you find important for your Aussie exchange, we will help you find the perfect school. Grab the chance and embark on a learning adventure!

The best school for you

All the schools we work with are high-reputation schools with excellent teachers and tutoring. You can choose a school based on your preferred region, subjects you want to take, how long you want your exchange to be and what school activities you would like to have. Some schools are great for a particular sport or hobby, and others offer subjects that you might find interesting, such as multimedia, surfing, marine biology, drama or art. We will help you find the school that fits you like a glove!

Choose your state

STS collaborates with several states in Australia, offering a wealth of options to choose from. Each of these states offers unique locations, attractions and academic opportunities, and each is sure to provide unforgettable high school experiences.

New South Wales, located in eastern Australia, is home to great cities, beautiful beaches, national parks and even ski resorts. Queensland, also known as "The Sunshine State," boasts idyllic beaches, lush rainforests and tropical islands. South Australia offers fascinating landscapes, year-round festivals and exotic wildlife, including koalas, kangaroos and dolphins. Western Australia is an adventure lover's dream, with otherworldly desert landscapes, pristine beaches and water sports as a vital part of everyday life. Victoria is home to stunning coastal roads, varied sceneries and Melbourne, one of the country's most exciting and beloved cities. Finally, Tasmania is a natural wonder, with rugged mountains, craggy coastlines and pristine forest trails with epic waterfalls.

Which of these fantastic states do you want to call home?

Your free time in Australia

Australia is full of possible outdoor activities – much thanks to an excellent climate. Barbecues, sports and outings in the wilderness are some of the most common alternatives. Also, the exciting wildlife is not to be missed. Have you ever seen a koala bear or a kangaroo? Well, now is the time!

2_Yannis_Hotz_Australia_whithavenlunch (1).jpg
Lunch at the beach!

Sports according to season

Sporty or not, the Australian enthusiasm will probably make you curious to try, or maybe just watch, some of the nation’s most popular sports. Rugby, golf and Australian rules football are played in the winter and snorkelling, sailing, tennis and volleyball in the summer. The coastline is full of great beaches, perfect for every kind of water activity. If you prefer to ski, you will find great snowy slopes in the mountains.

Travel in Australia with STS

If you stay in Australia for a whole year, you will have the possibility to follow us on two amazing trips. During the school break in September, we pack our swim and sports gear to visit Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. The activities in focus will be mostly about beach life and water sports. In April, it is time for another break and another trip, this time for two weeks. We will head out to the Australian Outback, explore Uluru (Ayers Rock), travel along the Great Ocean Road and also make a stop in super exciting Sydney. There will be an additional cost for these trips.

Quick facts

Studying at high school in Australia will give you the time of your life. Here are some quick facts about school life here, and what is included your High School Select package.

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  • Who can go: 15–18 years on arrival
  • Departure month: January or July
  • Language requirements: Good English skills
  • Visa: Yes. Additional cost
  • Choice of destination: Yes. Included in High School Select
  • School year: February–November
  • School day: Usually 09.00–16.00
  • Subjects: Compulsory and optional
  • Trips in the country: Great round trip during one vacation to The Great Barrier Reef/Ayres Rock/Sydney. Additional cost


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Interested in a tailored High School experience?

Interested in choosing where you want to study and where you want to live? STS can help you choose the school of your liking that supports your favorite sport, academic etc.

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