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STS High School in New Zealand

In New Zealand, you will get a high school experience like nowhere else. The country's size is just perfect – you are close to the coast no matter where you live and by being an exchange student here you get the ideal opportunity to discover all of New Zealand and its breathtaking nature.

Skiing and surfing – on the very same day

The North Island has a warm climate and the South Island, closer to Antarctica, is home to fjords, ski slopes and glaciers. What’s so amazing about this country is that you can go skiing on a volcano and bring your surfboard to catch the perfect wave down by the coastline, all in the same day! It is a country of contrasts, for sure.

You can choose where in New Zealand you can study

No matter where in New Zealand you find yourself, you will be in a great school. STS High School Select is perfect for you with specific subject, activity or location requirements. This can be that you want to develop your golfing skills, go sailing, or live in popular Auckland for instance. We will help you create the high school exchange that is perfect for you!

Interested in a tailored High School experience?

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What's included

Air fares to host family and back
School fees
Personal one-to-one support with your visa and school applications
Full board (e.g. breakfast, lunch & dinner) at a carefully selected host family
24-hour telephone support
Free interview
STS kick-off and preparation event in your home country
Welcome Camp
Local representative in host country to assist and support during your exchange
STS High School Diploma
STS Returnee Club
Local get togethers with other exchange students in the area

Schools in New Zealand


Cromwell College


Geraldine High School


Hamilton Boy’s High School

Keri Keri

Kerikeri High School


Logan Park High School


Mercury Bay Area School


Mt Albert Grammar


Mt Aspiring College


Rangiora High School


Roncalli College

New Plymouth

Spotswood College


Takapuna Grammar School


Tauranga Boys College


Timaru Boys High School


Waiheke High School


Wellington High School


Westlake Girls High School


Westland High School


Whakatane High School


William Colenso College


Waihi College


Nayland College


Kapiti College

Palmerston north

Freybergh High School


Taumarunui High School


Kuranui College


St Kevin’s College


Rongotai College


Taupo-nui-a-Tia College


Queen’s High School


Bethlehem College


Avondale College

New Zealand

Population: 4.7 million
Area: 268 000 km2
Capital: Wellington
Language: English. Maori and New Zealand Sign Language are also recognized as official
Traffic: Left handed
Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Country code: +64


Living with a host family

New Zealanders, often called Kiwis, are relaxed people who love to have fun and enjoy life. They are often spontaneous, social and show a great commitment to family.

Read more about host families in New Zealand

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You can trust STS

Responsibility, safety and quality that’s been our motto since 1958. We have the passion and the experience that will make your adventure as an exchange student a memorable success. 

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High School life in New Zealand

A high quality school system, lots of sports options and school uniforms to unite the students and giving them a badge of pride – that sums up high school in New Zealand.


High school the Kiwi way 

There are in total 13 grades in the educational system in New Zealand. High school make up the last five of these and as an exchange student you are usually placed in one of the highest grades. If you are placed in the final year, you will finish by going to the school ball. That's often considered the event of the year, a chance to dress up like a celebrity for a night!

In most high schools there will be 1-3 compulsory subjects, depending on your level. A full schedule consists of between 5 – 6 subjects. It's a great chance to join a course you wouldn't find at home.

Make sure to apply in time

Since New Zealand is located in the southern hemisphere and the seasons are the opposite from Europe, the schools close for summer vacation in December. The school year starts again at the end of January/beginning of February. Our programmes in New Zealand last 3 terms, and as an exchange student, you have the option to start in either January or July.

You will need at least three years of previous English studies to apply. If you've got that, go ahead and send your application today. The number of spots for exchange students in public schools is limited, secure yours today!

Your New Zealand host family

New Zealanders are often referred to as Kiwis. Our Kiwi host families can be found on both the South and the North island. They are most commonly located in rural areas or smaller towns, but some live in bigger cities.

There is no such thing as a typical New Zealand family. They are all different and can have toddlers or teenagers, grown up children or no children at all. However, what they do have in common is the fact that they have been carefully selected and that they are happy to welcome you to their home.


Social and active people

New Zealand families socialise frequently with friends and relatives and will gladly show you their country. You will get all the inside info about what to see and do. New Zealanders are very engaged, can be quite impulsive and love activities. Be open to all these influences – you might find yourself a new hobby!

A thrilling leisure time

Are you adventurous? If not, try to step out of your comfort zone and you will see that your options in New Zealand are unlimited. The country is full of extreme sports like parachuting, rafting and bungy jumping, which actually originates from New Zealand. But of course, there are more laid back things to do as well. Like golf, sailing and bathing in hot springs.

If you're into the Tolkien's fantasy world, living in New Zealand will bring your dreams to life!. The beautiful and dramatic locations from the movies do exist and make for perfect places to visit when you have time off from school.

Try something unique 

Fun fact about New Zealand: the number of sheep in the country is 15 times the number of human inhabitants. Yes, herds of them can be seen everywhere. And this is not a joke: sheep shearing is a sport! You should really try the sport sheep shearing. To shave off the wool is more difficult than you might think. Take the chance to try something unique, it might be a once in a lifetime experience.

Spend your holiday on tour 

In New Zealand, we offer all our exchange students the chance to join a North Island Tour in April and a South Island Tour in September/October. There will be an additional cost for the tours, covering all coach travel, accommodation, most evening meals and breakfasts and optional activities.

The South Island Tour is an 11 day adventure where you will experience New Zealand's wilderness with glaciers and spectacular nature. You might also see some whales and sea lions. The North Island Tours is also 11 days of exceptional experiences. We will visit the country's capital Wellington, the country's largest city Auckland and enjoy the mild climate and a beautiful coastline.

Quick facts

New Zealand is a great country to study in, as a high school student. Here are some quick facts about school life here, and what is included your High School Select package.

  • Who can go: 15–18 years on arrival
  • Departure month: July and January
  • Language requirements: At least 3 years of English
  • Visa: Yes. Additional cost
  • Choice of destination: Yes. Included in High School Select
  • School year: February to December.
  • School day: Usually 08.45–15.30
  • Subjects: Compulsory and optional courses
  • Trips in the country: North Island in April. South Island in September. Additional cost


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Interested in a tailored High School experience?

Interested in choosing where you want to study and where you want to live? STS can help you choose the school of your liking that supports your favorite sport, academic etc.

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