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Vi har for øyeblikket en elev fra Sveits som kommer til Norge høsten 2018! Les mer om de under:

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Åpensinnet glad-jente som liker å være omgitt av bra mennesker og gode samtaler

Navn: Sophie

Født: 2003

Hjemland: Sveits

Ankommer: Høsten 2018

En liten hilsen fra Sophie:

Dear host family,

First of all, I am excited that my dream of spending a year in Norway will come true! I always try to imagine what my life there will look like.

I have lots of different interests, for instance, I love to discuss political topics. I am generally interested in people, their way of living and their way of thinking.

For many years I've been taking ballet classes. I also play the violin and the piano, sing in a band, and started taking singing lessons at the school last summer. Music is a big part of my life.

I also try to spend as much time as possible with my friends, especially my best friend Jael. Occasionally I babysit two small girls. I really enjoy that.

I have been a vegetarian my whole life, I don't eat any fish either. But it is no problem for me if people in my surroundings eat meat.

In the future I would love to work as a secondary school teacher and I dream of having my own family one day. I am really looking forward to an exciting year with a lot of new experiences!

Kind regards,



Ønsker du mer informasjon send oss gjerne en mail på eller ta kontakt på telefon 23 35 88 50.




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