International Study and Language Travel

We will be there for you

No matter where you choose to go, we will follow you through your whole exchange year. We will make your travel arrangements and make sure you are well prepared when it’s time for take-off. On many of our longer flights, experienced leaders will accompany the students.


Welcome camp

In many of our destinations your high school year will start with a Welcome Camp or Welcome Days. This is a good opportunity for you to get to know the country, language and your fellow exchanges students.

Local contact person

When you land at your final destination you will always have a local contact person close by. This is someone who knows the area and will be there for you whenever you might need it. Your contact person and your host family will help you with your introduction in school and support you in getting in touch with other exchange students. You will meet on a regular basis throughout your year. If your parents have questions while you’re away, it’s easiest for them to call us at STS in [country].

Call us whenever you want

You are important to us and you deserve our attention and care. We want you to know that you can always get in touch with us. Before departure, you will get a number where you can reach us 24/7.

Let’s travel together!

We want to give you the chance to experience more of your new country. And we all need a break from school and homework sometimes. Therefore, we arrange trips for all our exchange students in many of our host countries. The travel program differs between countries. Your destination representative will give you more information and provide you with all the necessary details.

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Do you want to become an STS partner?

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I choose STS as a partner?

    Because STS is an industry leading organization with almost 60 years experience in language- and high school programs. With this experience comes a high level of quality in everything we do. 

  • What is characterizing STS as a partner?

    As an STS partner, you will always receive personalized service from one of our highly dedicated team members. We have also developed systems for simplifying all our processes, meaning that you can spend less time on administration and more time on providing the best service possible to your current and future customers.

  • What is STS High School?

    STS High School is a program sending students from all over the world on an exchange year abroad. During the year, the student will enroll a public or private high school program and live with a carefully selected host family. 

  • I am interested in adding services to my current STS partnership. How do I do that?

    Due to our high customer satisfaction, many of our partner agents wish to extend our collaboration to include both our language schools- and high school programs. To do so, send us an email and we will come back to you with our terms and conditions.