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Bella Italia!

High School in Italy

If you ask an Italian why you should come to Italy the answer will probably be because Italy has the best food, the most beautiful language, the greatest culture and world class soccer teams. Well, it’s hard to disagree. This country sure has a lot to offer!

All roads lead to Rome

There are lots of great cities like Milan, Venice, Florence and of course Rome. The countryside is full of beautiful spots and the country has a fantastic climate. You can enjoy beach life at the Mediterranean Sea and winter sports in the mountains.

Live, love, laugh in Italy

You will quickly get new friends in your class in school. Italians are very easy and outgoing and they know how to enjoy life. Kick some ball, sip a cappuccino at a café, talk with new friends, love life! And the fashion and all the boutiques… If you like good shopping Italy is the place for you.

Italy's Finest Cities

The capital of fashion, the capital of art, or the eternal city? Milan, Florence and Rome are three of the world's most beautiful and fascinating cities, and you can choose to make one of them your home during your high school exchange. Make sure to tell us in your application which city you prefer and apply early to increase your chances of getting placed there. Note that an extra cost will apply if you end up in your desired location.

Quick facts:

  • Who can go: 15–18 years on arrival
  • Departure month: September/January
  • Language requirements: Good English, some knowledge of Italian recommended
  • Visa: No
  • Choice of destination: Yes. Milan, Florence, Rome. Additional cost
  • Prep course: STS Welcome Camp in Amsterdam or Copenhagen
  • School year: September–June
  • School day: Usually 08.00–13.00, Mon–Sat
  • Subjects: Some schools offer extra Italian, Literature, Art and English
  • Trips in the country: Rome and Tuscany. Additional cost
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Optional additions

STS Welcome Camp


Population: 61 million
Capital: Rome
Area: 301 000 km2
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Country code: +39

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Live like an Italian

Caring and talkative Italian host families will open their hearts for you. Our host families are carefully selected and motivated and you will get to know the culture, traditions and language from the inside. Maybe around the pasta-filled dinner table! 

Read more about host families in Italy


STS Welcome Camp in Amsterdam or Copenhagen

Your high school adventure begins at the STS Welcome Camp in Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Sightseeing and workshops are combined with new acquaintances and knowledge of the high school life abroad. This is the best possible start to your high school year!

Check out STS Welcome Camp

Choose a region

In Italy, you can choose if you would like to live and go to school in the Milan, Rome or Florence area. If you receive your city choice, an extra fee will apply.

My year in Italy was fantastic! Now I speak a new language fluently and I have an Italian family that will always feel like my own.
Carin Blomberg


2_7053_Bo_Sacred Heart_int_2012.jpg 2_7053_Bo_Sacred Heart_int_2012.jpg

Do you want to become an STS partner?

We are always looking for new, serious partner agents all around the world. Send us your interest application today!

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    STS High School is a program sending students from all over the world on an exchange year abroad. During the year, the student will enroll a public or private high school program and live with a carefully selected host family. 

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